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Change your Clocks!

Daylight Savings Time begins Sunday, November 3rd, where we get to push our clocks back one more hour— or fall back as they say. Read more.

Tips & Tricks - Halloween Safety

It is that time of the year again—ghosts, goblins, pirates, and princesses all stroll the community on the hunt for sweet treats. With Halloween just around the corner, Balfour Beatty Communities would like to share a few tips and tricks for a safe holiday. Read more.

Sound the Alarm

Did you know that many people don’t test their smoke alarms as often as they should? Test yours every month! Read more.

National Suicide Prevention Month

One World Connected Read more.

BBC celebrates National Night Out!

National Night Out across the BBC properties was another great success! Read more.

Get in Gear for the New School Year

For all school-age children the start of a new school year is already or will soon be underway! Read more.

Community Crime & How to Prevent it

Home invasions usually occur during the day when people are at work and houses are left unattended. So how can you prevent it? Read more.

Mold & Moisture Awareness

Mold and mildew commonly occur in our living environments and can be particularly persistent for those who live in humid climates. Read more.

Memorial Day Message

This Memorial Day, we'd like to pay tribute to the Service Members who have lost their lives in defense of our country, as well as recognize and thank those who actively protect our country. Read more.

Ride Smart

Outdoor activities are a great way to keep children active and spend quality time as a family. But we can't forget safety! Read more.