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National Pet Day

Today is National Pet Day-- a day for celebrating the joy that pets bring to their owners' lives as well as the greater community. Take a look at some of our four-legged residents, learn about pet-proofing your home, how to clean up pet messes, and pet summer safety! Read more.

National Window Safety Week

Each year, a week in April is dedicated to National Window Safety. This year, it is recognized April 7-13. Safety is important to us, at Balfour Beatty Communities and we would like to share our window safety knowledge with our residents in order to protect our communities. Read more.

Change Your Clock Change Your Batteries

Now that winter is coming to a close, we can look forward to spring and the extra hours of sunlight to come. For most of our properties, Daylight Savings Time begins Sunday, March 10th... Changing your clocks is a perfect time to check your battery status on your smoke detectors. Read more.

Winter Safety Reminders

With the winter weather upon us, it's important to remember to be safe this holiday season. We encourage all residents to review your current Safety Page for winter safety tips. Locating your Safety page is simple! All you have to do is visit your Installation website, hover over Resident Resources, and click Safety. Read more.