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Cozy up to Autumn: Fall Safety Awareness

Known for pumpkin pie and crisp nights, fall is undoubtedly a favorite season among many. With lower temperatures, longer nights and back-to-school season in full swing, a change in season calls for a change in safety awareness. Below are tips to keep our community safe so everyone can enjoy a festive autumn. Read more.

Crisp days of Fall

Fall is finally here! Balfour Beatty has provided some fall recipes, easy decorating tips and a list of popular fall reading books to welcome the new season. Read more.

BB Communities celebrates Grandparents Day!

National Grandparents Day falls on the first Sunday after Labor Day. How did residents at BB Communities celebrate this holiday? Read more.

Today’s reason to celebrate: National Creamsicle Day!

The classic Creamsicle flavor combination is orange and vanilla. So what’s the story behind this delicious treat? Read more.

Hoppy Easter!

Balfour Beatty Communities celebrated the Easter holiday rain or shine! Read more.

The Luck of the Irish

This month at Balfour Beatty Communities, our residents were feeling nothing but lucky! Saint Patrick's Day is a fun holiday almost everyone celebrates, Irish or not—and it was no exception around Balfour Beatty Communities. Read more.

Valentine’s Day at Balfour Beatty Communities

This month at Balfour Beatty Communities, residents across our Army, Navy and Air Force installations celebrated Valentine’s Day. The BBC LifeWorks Coordinators did an amazing job creating Valentine’s themed activities that gave residents of all ages the opportunity to participate. Read more.

First Day of Spring

Let's dust off those baseball mitts, pull out the gardening tools, and prepare your kitchen for spring harvests - today is the first day of spring! Even though the weather varies from property to property, residents can agree - spring can be quite an exciting time. Read more.