Have you taken advantage of the offers available at the Balfour Beatty Communities Self Help program? At Balfour Beatty Communities, we take pride in working hard to support military families and have created various programs over the years to help make your stay enjoyable. The Self Help program assists residents with household tasks by providing equipment and helpful supplies at no additional cost. 

While the available items differ at all properties, all properties participate in the Self Help program. All Army, Air Force and Navy sites have the following:
   - light bulbs –older ones must be returned to be disposed properly
   - lawn care – weed trimmers, edgers, grass seed, lawn mowers, 
   - bedding type equipment – rakes, shovels, hoes and sprinklers, mulch 
   - and HVAC filters

For more information regarding the Self Help program (hours of operation, location, and a more detailed list, specific to your community), visit your property website. Then select Resident Resources and Support & Assistance.