Apple cider and other fall flavors, especially pumpkin, are beginning to surface everywhere – grocery stores, convenient shops and especially coffee places in local areas – this can only mean one thing: the days of fall are finally here!

Whether you're celebrating the first day of fall because you live in a toasty climate where the cooler temperatures are a much needed break or you're feeling down because chillier days mean a frigid winter is just ahead, Balfour Beatty is here to help!

Fall3We have provided you with an abundance of delicious fall recipes, such as healthy, nutritious meals, delicious comfort foods that are perfect for chilly nights, fan-favorite game day dishes, tasty fall desserts and fabulous-for-fall cocktails.

For the Martha Stewarts in our communities, we have included some easy decorating projects to embellish your home for the new season. As for the bookworms and those wanting to get lost in a great read, we also have a list of some popular fall reading books to dive into!

We hope all of our residents enjoy a fabulous start to the autumn season!