Tis the season to spread holiday cheer- and what better way than to host a holiday cookie swap with a few of your closest friends! The traditional cookie swap allows you to contribute a dozen cookies and return home with a dozen of new cookies to sample. Here's how to pull off a fabulous cookie swap this season!

Step 1: Gather your friends! Get your friends on board to bake 1-2 dozen homemade cookies for your cookie swap. Share which goodies you are bringing to prevent doubling of cookie types. Ask participants to include cookie recipe cards with their cookies to share the yummy recipe for seasons to come!

Step 2: Choose your cookies! What kind of cookies will you make this year? The seasonal favorites- peppermint, shortbread, thumbprint and gingerbread- are always welcome! If you're looking for something different, try Stained Glass cookies- a soft sugar cookie with a bright, glossy center!

Cookies that are simple to make and require only four ingredients are Fudge Crinkles- requiring only a boxed cake mix, vegetable oil, eggs and powdered sugar. These cookies are chewy and delicious, and only take 15 minutes from start to finish!

Step 3: Set the Stage! Purchase colorful charger plates from the dollar store to display the cookies, set on holiday tablecloths. Pick up some holiday goody bags or containers for your guests to use to pack their cookies for safe travel. Don't forget to serve beverages for your cookie tasting party, such as hot chocolate, coffee, warm apple cider, or a fun holiday punch.

We hope that you enjoy the holiday season by spreading cookie cheer! We want to know- what's your favorite holiday cookie to make? (Leave your answer in the Facebook comments!)