Change is Seasons Calls for a Change in Awareness – and Festivities!


Known for pumpkin pie and crisp nights, fall is undoubtedly a favorite season among many. With lower temperatures, longer nights and back-to-school season in full swing, a change in season calls for a change in safety awareness. Below are tips to keep our community safe so everyone can enjoy a festive autumn.

Car & School Bus Safety

Colder morning temperatures can create fog and frost for morning drivers. Be sure to add a few extra minutes to your schedule in the morning to ensure all windows are clear before driving. In addition to fog and frost, fall brings with it bright sunsets and longer nights. To combat sun glare, keep a pair of sunglasses in your car. During darker hours, keep a close eye out for pedestrians and be sure to maintain headlights that are not automatic.

Now that the kiddos are back in class, it is important for everyone to familiarize themselves with school bus safety. Teach your children about the 10-foot danger zone around the school bus, where the driver can't see children on the ground. Young children should take eight giant steps away from the bus to be sure the bus driver can see them. Kids who must cross the street should look at the bus driver for an 'OK' sign before crossing and always cross in front of the bus.

Heater Preparation

Rather than wait until the weather requires the use of a heater, now is the perfect time to test your heater to make sure that it is working properly. If you are concerned about the effectiveness of your heating system, please contact your community's Maintenance Department directly or submit a work order request through the Resident Portal.

Fall Festivities

Looking for additional family-friendly fall activities? Give one of these a try...

  • Go apple picking and get creative with your findings!
  • Collect colorful fall leaves
  • Bake a pie (apples, pumpkins and sweet potatoes are harvesting!)
  • Go for a hayride or get lost in a corn maze
  • Carve or paint a pumpkin
  • Peruse a local farmer's market
  • Try a new craft or hobby

Whether your autumn is filled with busy activities or time spent enjoying the slower pace, take a moment to appreciate the change in season and keep our safety tips in mind to enjoy a safe and healthy season!